Do you put your phone in a case?

I love my iPhone. I love the feeling you get when you unbox a new iPhone and I love the feeling of cold metal and glass slab in your hands. The beauty of a naked iPhone is like no device ever. (I think that’s why we pay a premium?)

After all those great feelings, how could you make it uglier by putting a case on it?

What’s the second thing you do when you get a new phone? For most people, they put their shiny, thin new device in a bulky plastic/rubber case that has very little design appeal. If you’re feeling generous to Apple you can pick up a ‘premium’ leather case. It’s made by Apple so you get a well made product but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a bulky leather case.

I used to be a brave soul. I refused to put my phone in a case. I’d scoff at the thought of covering up such a pretty device. Then I met the iPhone 6 Plus..

Side Note: I was embarrassingly devastated when I broke the screen. I felt like I accidentally killed my best friend. Luckily, I immediately made an Apple Store appointment and got it swapped out, I didn’t have Apple Care so I had to buy the replacement which was in the $300 range. After that experience I always get Apple Care now…

I never broke a screen until that design came around. As it turns out, Apple really likes rounded corners now and all iPhones since the iPhone 6 days are relatively the same shape.

The new iPad Pro gives me hope for a case-less future. The iPad Pro has that awesome square design that in a phone size would be a joy to hold without a case.

What about you? Are you one of the brave few that go case-less? If you do, give me some tips and encouragement to join you again 🙂 Until then I guess this leather case will do…

Samsung Galaxy Fold Thoughts

Samsung held an event yesterday showcasing their latest in the Galaxy line. While they leaned heavily into the 10 years of Galaxy ‘innovations’ they used this event to announce the new Galaxy Fold. (Side note: they announced the Fold first thing which I think was a mistake, the build up in these types of events are a lot of fun for fans and enthusiasts alike.)

Price: $1980 (depending on carrier and country per Samsung) This seems like an acceptable price to me. This is a new type of phone and the first foldable phone that looks useable day to day.

The look: I think that hardware is the best of all the folding phones I’ve seen. That’s not saying too much.

The front screen leaves a lot to be desired. You’re obviously going to use this in tablet mode as much as possible. When you do need to use the front screen, you’re going to be looking at a tiny window of content in comparison to the amount of physical phone you’re holding. This is fine if you just need to quickly check a site or message but I don’t see it being useful for using Waze or something when you’re driving.

At the end of the day I really like what Samsung is bringing to the phone table. They’re taking chances and challenging everyone to re-think what a slab of glass in your pocket will look like. I wish Apple would take some of these chances to challenge what people think of iOS devices. I hope for less playing it safe and more trying things out and hopefully Samsung can encourage Apple to get uncomfortable in their hardware.

I’m in the iOS ecosystem and locked in pretty hard, I do like that Samsung is providing a competitor to each of Apple’s product category and pushing the boundaries on what we think of of phones. Let’s just hope Android software quickly adopts what Samsung is trying and Samsung will provide acceptable cadence of software updates to keep everyone secure and enable new features.

Never forget this important gem:

The Fold is set to ship April 26th and I look forward to seeing hands on reviews and I hope to check one out myself.

If You Fast You Need Zero

I’ve been intermittent fasting pretty much since the beginning of the year. While I’ve seen some amazing benefits, I’m not a doctor or a medical pro by any stretch. So while I’ll discuss some of my experiences your results may vary and make sure you talk to a medical pro before trying any new diet.

I need a few things to be successful in a ‘diet’ type of situation. First I need to be able to track things and if possible there needs to be a gamified aspect of it. While Zero is a great app to track your fasts it leaves a little to be desired in the gamification aspect but hey, its been working out for me so far but I’d love to see badges or other integrations.

Zero main screen

Zero is a great application to track where I’m at during my fast and how much time I have left in my ‘feeding window’. It will also let you customize the type of fast you’d like to complete. I personally started with the 16:8 method but quickly got used to that timeframe and began stretching it out with a longer fasting window and a shorter feeding window. It sounds scary at first but with anything new, your body will get used to your behavior. As you can see in the screenshot, you can edit the time your fast began/ended as well as some cool little features. My favorite feature is seeing how many other people are currently fasting, it speaks to the gamification aspect of my brain.

Zero History tab

History tab has to be my favorite. From here you can see a ton of great and inspiring information. (at day 16 I got sick and had to break fast 😩) This app does talk to Apple Health so you’ll be able to import your weight to keep an eye on it trending down. This helps me tremendously when I’m contemplating eating a late night snack. This might be a good time to bring up my diet. I don’t eat whatever I want when I break fast/eat in my feeding window. I stick to a pretty strict ketogenic diet. Again, this works great for me but you may see different results so talk to a doctor or research and decide on your own.

Overall Zero is a perfect example of a great, simple app that encourages you to stick to a schedule and see results as you go. If you’re already fasting and would like to track more give Zero a try. If you’re curious to learn more about fasting, there’s a ‘Learn’ tab that will share some information on the different fasting types –I found this super useful.

Planning on trying this app out or already doing so? Let me know your thoughts! I also love getting any new and fresh keto friendly recipes.

Zero Learning Screen