This Person Does Not Exist

This site generates a fictional face every time you refresh. In a world with Twitter bots, a service like this will have a high abuse rate. I was able to tell a few faces were randomly generated but I suspect in avatar form, most people will take it for face value (pun intended)

This is a gold mine for Social Engineering. Check out a few below faces I generated below, some more obvious than others.

Side Note: Imagine refreshing through this rabbit hole and you’re presented with your face. Black Mirror/Twilight Zone feel free to use that.


As I sit in front of my computer, I wonder what would be the best way to introduce who I am.  I can’t seem to think of a ‘non-gross’ feeling way to talk about myself.  So let’s start with what I want to accomplish. I want to share best practices with technology and maybe even some other non-tech related things.  

Most of my experience is in technology and that’s what I enjoy helping people with.

My background: ~5 years in what I’d call ‘retail repair’ I worked at big box retailers not selling but fixing the common computer.  As you can imagine, you meet all kinds of people with a wide breadth of issues (mostly viruses tbh)

Technical Customer Support for a Single Sign-on (SSO) startup.  This job helped me discover that I wanted my career to be in Information Security and I began my journey by quitting that job to learn a fundamental skill (I choose Networking). I was thrown into the fire as a Network Engineer at the time the biggest startup in the world.  I thrive in that environment and learned a ton. After I cut my teeth on the network side of things, I moved over to the InfoSec side and haven’t looked back.  I started implementing firewalls, transitioned to the SOC and have been doing Incident Response and Security Engineering for the last 3 years.

That’s a bit about myself at the highest of levels. I also want to use this platform to improve my communication style, grammar, and just overall writing skills.  I’ve often found myself worried about the technical side of things and have ignored everything else so I hope to fix that.